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Insurance Defense

Our team of skilled attorneys zealously defends companies and individuals who have been accused of negligent or wrongful conduct that has allegedly resulting in injury to persons or property. Through an insurance company’s duty to defend, we represent clients, as well as self-insured entities, through all stages of litigation, including trial.

In our litigious society, many individuals and companies are finding themselves burdened by lawsuits seeking compensation from another party. And the amounts being sought are increasing and often surpassing insurance coverage limits. While any claim can be upsetting to an individual or business, a high-dollar claim can be devastating, especially for those who are self-insured. Regardless of the amount alleged or sought, our attorneys take any claim seriously and either intelligently settle or vigorously defend the matter in the client's best interest.

Farmer, House, Osuna & Olvera is regularly retained by insurance companies to defend their policyholders and insureds in all types of tort matters, including:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Personal Injury
  • Premises Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Workplace Injuries
  • Wrongful Death