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Business/Commercial Litigation

At Farmer, House, Osuna & Olvera, our attorneys represent international, national, and local business entities. As such, our firm is prepared to protect the business and commercial interests of our clients and will vigorously pursue any and all means of legal resolution for any problem our clients face. Our firm will work diligently for each of our clients to ensure that their business has every opportunity to succeed free from legal interference.

The attorneys at Farmer, House, Osuna & Olvera possess the experience and knowledge to guide our clients through a myriad of issues that arise within the context of business and commercial litigation. Specifically, our firm has successfully handled the following types of legal disputes:

 Breach of Contract
 Tortious Interference
 Partnership Disputes
 Breach of Fiduciary Duty
 Fraud and Misrepresentation
 Breach of Warranty
 Deceptive Trade Practices and Bad Faith
 Business Disparagement
 Covenants Not to Compete
 Complex Litigation

To ensure the best possible results for our clients, a firm must be willing to take a case all the way to trial. At Farmer, House, Osuna & Olvera, we have developed a reputation as a firm that will actively and aggressively pursue these cases to trial if behalf of our clients. As such, whether it be necessary to take a case to trial or whether our client would be best served through alternative dispute resolution or negotiated settlement, Farmer, House, Osuna & Olvera, will take whatever steps are necessary to protect our client’s interests.