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Plaintiff Pleads for Millions and Recovers Less than $41,000.00

Congratulations to James D. Guess and Chris Wright for obtaining a jury verdict of less than Defendant’s last offer. Plaintiff sued the Commercial Defendant and its Driver for damages including personal injury, Gross Negligence and Negligent Entrustment. Defendant filed Motions for Summary Judgment as to Gross Negligence and Negligent Entrustment to which Plaintiff complied, deleting such claims thereafter. Plaintiff alleged neck, shoulder, back and head injuries, along with past medical expenses of $23,345.93 and future medical expenses of $109,872.53. Plaintiff also alleged past and future loss of earning capacity of $407,526.00. Plaintiff also argued for mental anguish, pain and suffering, and impairment. In closing, after the development of all evidence, Plaintiff requested $713,000.00 in damages. The total verdict was $40,069.36. Defendant’s last offer was $60,000.00. This was a five day trial.