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San Antonio, Texas 78232

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Despite Adversity, Experience and Ethics (Still) Matter

With over 120 years’ combined legal and trial experience, Farmer, House, Osuna & Olvera is a unique trial firm in Central and South Texas. Nimble and aggressive, Farmer, House, Osuna & Olvera is small enough to be responsive to clients’ needs and concerns while large enough, with 16 lawyers, to handle the largest and most combative cases.

Founded in 1990, the firm routinely appears at the courthouses in Central and South Texas ready for trial. Over the last six years, the firm has won several of the biggest defense verdicts in the books. A mature and deeply experienced firm, the team holds a deserved reputation as aggressive lawyers who will take their opponents to task. Even more impressive is that the attorneys meld youthful energy with hard-earned expertise.