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Construction Defect Trial Victory - Live Oak County, Texas

Congratulations to Jeff House and Mike DeNuccio who obtained a defense verdict for the Firm’s client after a two (2) week construction defect trial in George West, Live Oak County, Texas. The case involved alleged defects related to the construction of the Three Rivers ISD Junior High/High School which was completed in August of 2013. The lawsuit had been pending since 2018 and the asserted causes of action at trial were presented solely as a breach of contract case so the Plaintiff could avoid any comparative negligence issues. The case began with seven (7) defendants but only three (3) went to trial – the others settling out prior to trial. The allegations related to construction defects included cracking/heaving concrete; utility and plumbing defects; masonry issues; sealing issues; roofing and insulation defects; and violations of various building codes. The case involved more than 150,000 documents, more than ten (10) different experts hired by the various parties, and numerous witnesses. Plaintiff requested more than $25 million from the jury collectively for the three (3) remaining defendants. The jury found no breach of contract against the Firm’s client. Jeff and Mike literally put hundreds of hours into preparation for and trial of the matter to get the best possible result for the client. The trial was conducted from April 12, 2021 and was completed on April 23, 2021.